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Small business is the backbone of a growing economy. Yet in times of distress, business owners are often left to fend for themselves. Safeguard Consulting is a BBB accredited business that specializes in helping small businesses reclaim financial stability. As a small business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. Our team helps remove the burden of unnecessary payments.

If your business is crippled by weekly or daily withdrawals, Safeguard Now Consulting can help. Merchant Cash Advances may seem like an attractive solution for businesses that have had a disruption in cash flow or need capital to pursue a time-sensitive opportunity, but the terms often end up putting the company in a worse position down the line.

Many thousands of businesses are forced into failure as the payback on this type of advance destroys their cash flow. We offer business owners who are struggling with these loans a more affordable once a month payment structure.

Our process is simple. During your free, no-obligation consultation we’ll discuss your unique situation and put together a customized plan to get your cash flow back on track.

There is no one-size-fits-all debt solution. However, our strategy is based on making sure we do the following;

We immediately protect your business financially

We’ll put a stop to the daily or weekly withdrawals and ensure that your personal finances aren’t in jeopardy.

We renegotiate your advances

Our experts work with your lenders to come to terms that your business can actually meet.

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Your business begins to save money for the resolution

With an affordable monthly payment arrangement, you will immediately increase your businesses cash flow. We are usually able to cut what you are paying monthly in half!


Through an affordable monthly payment arrangement, you will immediately increase your businesses cash flow. 


Let us help you, bring back your financial freedom!